Make Some Tracks Website Design - I worked as the lead designer and illustrator on this project. Make Some Tracks encourages physical fitness by rewarding users with the unique opportunity to view animals from different biomes around the world when they record physical activity. There is currently a mobile app and a school age version of the program in development.

This is the welcome page where participants can view a video about the program, listen to animal sounds, find the mobile app, get important information, and, most importantly, mouse over the animals to make them move.
This is the Home page, where the user lands after logging in to the website. Here the user can view stunning photos and interesting facts about the current week's biome, health tips and recipes, and play fun interactive games.
The user can log fitness activities daily to make progress along the map and gain access to exciting new animals from around the world.
Once the user has logged activity for the day, they can view and share gorgeous photos of animals from the biome they are currently exploring.
le Tour de Fitness Website Design - I was the lead designer for this website, I also created all of the illustrative elements. The purpose of the site is to encourage participants to engage in physical activity that they log on the website. They are treated a virtual tour along the Tour de France trail with beautiful images and engaging information about France along the way.

This is the Home page, where participants land after logging in to the program. Here they can log progress along the trail, view their daily health tip, daily recipe, and compare the weather in their city to what the weather is like in Paris.
This screen shows information and images of the locations found along the map.
Participants can form teams to encourage their progress. The team leader chooses from several options to create a jersey for their team.
Ola Ala Website Design - These are a selection of designs created for a health promotion website called "Ola Ala". I was the lead designer on this project.

This screen is here to welcome you to the program and offer helpful information.
The log screen used for recording physical activity.
An example of a daily email containing an inspirational photo, daily tip, and daily recipe.
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